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Define or refine your identity

Expert insight to create a modern yet lasting brand

You need a fresh perspective

Whether you're just starting out or trying to steer your business in a new direction, our branding consultation package will evaluate your current branding or help you articulate your unique voice and target your audience. 

We have the tools to find it

Our creative director Cate runs all of our branding sessions. Leveraging her storytelling tools, marketing insight and travel knowledge, she positions your travel or hospitality brand in a modern and creative new way.

Our legendary branding sessions

Through insightful questions and detailed reflection, we'll have a virtual or on-site brainstorm session to assess your current brand positioning, who you really are and what your story is. 

Your branding booklet

After our branding session, we present you with a branding booklet that outlines your identity and story. We also provide a comprehensive content strategy going forward. 

Ready for your own personal branding session?

Get in touch today for your complimentary consultation

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