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Honest & insightful feedback

Hotel and experience consulting

Honest reviews

Our Creative Director will visit your hotel, restaurant or experience without your staff's knowledge to provide you with a detailed and honest assessment — on everything from room service to linens — that you can use to improve your guest's experience. Great for new openings, reopenings or brands ready to level up.

Experience consulting

Hotel guests today are craving unique, authentic and local experiences during their stay. We will work with your team and the surrounding community to design memorable experieneces, activities and programs that are hosted by your property or are entirely unique to you.


We will audit everything from your website and branding to your social media presense. A final report will assess all of your content and strategize where and how improvements can be made, like better bolstering your branding and targeting your audience. Your team can take this report and run with it, or hire us to impliment it.

Creative consulting

There are artful, creative and unique ways you can make a lasting impression on your customers from the moment they walk into your hotel until they're back home scrolling through photos. Our creative team will strategize creative and thoughtful customer touchpoints that leave a lasting imprint on your brand and experience.

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